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Loré Pemberton September Harvest

Loré Pemberton September Harvest

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Bring joy to the heart + home of a fellow homemaker with an unexpected handwritten card on a beautiful, whimsical, and timeless Loré Pemberton print.

"A favorite thing I love to do is to pair this card with a vintage gold frame as a gift for my dearest friends. This little old-fashioned act of kindness will be cherished as a beloved keepsake and source of encouragement for your fellow homemaker and for generations to come! The moment that I saw this painting, my heart leapt for joy, and I sweetly sighed, "this is the heart of The Homemaker's Club"... and soon it will be coming to fruition!" - Ashley


Card measures 5" x 5" + comes with an envelope ready for addressing.

Printed on .35mm Matte Finish Watercolor Art Paper

Comes carefully wrapped + shipped to your doorstep in a rigid mailer for safe delivery.

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