Yuletide Recipe Swap

Yuletide Recipe Swap

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Welcome to our second annual, old-fashioned, Homemaker's Club Yuletide Recipe Swap! The days are cold, but our hearts are warm as we gather in the heart of our homes this holiday season, to bake fellow homemaker's cherished recipes for cookies, candies, pies, and more! As we gather to mix, bake, and lick sugared spoons with those we love, we are reminded of the season's simple pleasures.

With this purchase you will receive:

In Your Inbox:

Time Sensitive directions for participation emailed to you immediately upon purchase!

In Your Post Box:

One handwritten letter from a fellow homemaker of The Homemaker's Club.

Five handwritten recipe cards from fellow homemakers of The Homemaker's Club, to add to your recipe box.

One frame-quality "Yuletide Home” print specially made for this charming Homemaker’s Club event.


Artwork for this charming print was designed by fellow homemaker, Lauren Hersey @laurenblairhersey. You can visit her shop, here!